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Welcome to Third Eye Trades. We are glad you found us. As you explore our offerings, you will find that we put love at the core of everything we do by helping our students become confident traders. Our mission is to create a welcoming and transparent trading community; helping everyone including novice and beginner traders educate themselves on options and stock trading. Third Eye Trades is a community of ambitious traders striving to make each other better and more successful traders. The opportunities are endless in the stock market and any account size can grow with Options Trading.

We specialize in assisting members with learning how to trade options and make educated trade decisions. If you’ve been looking for a place to learn and work on your options trading goals, you’ve come to the right place. We have a team of dedicated professionals who post relevant content daily. You’ve already taken the first step in visiting our website and we hope that you can join us in unlocking your Third Eye today!


GreenGood is a philanthropist, investor, and day trader with over 10 years of experience. He utilizes a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to execute both long term and short-term investments/ trades and to guide his decision making. After completing his undergrad at the top 5 university in the west coast with dual degrees in Business and Biochemistry. He is currently pursuing a MBA degree from the prestigious Ivy League academy. By investing early and making prudent investment decisions, he was able to graduate with little to no student loan debt. Prior to pursuing his MBA, he found employment at various big pharmas with an original route of becoming a doctor. With his many years of scientific experience and business acumen and analytic skills, he hopes to be able to teach members how to achieve financial independence and an early retirement!


Swagyu is a Third Eye Trades Top Trader specializing in integrating technical coding expertise in options trading. He has 5+ years of experience trading stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. With over 6 years of technical coding under his belt, he is currently employed at a Fortune 500 technology company as an engineer. Swagyu brings with him a unique and specialized background. He has built countless Discord bots to signal out alerts, news articles, macroeconomic factors, and other useful trading notifications. He deploys different strategies such as trading on breakouts, rejections, bounces at key levels and candlestick patterns. In his spare time, Kevin is passionate about teaching and spreading financial literacy to underserved and underrepresented communities. To all current and prospective members, feel free to direct message Swagyu with any thoughts and questions!


Study&Educate is one of the original founders of Third Eye Trades group and currently serves as a Top Trader and mentor to more junior traders and newer members. He is one of the leading authoritative figures in the group on risk assessment, securities and options trading, technical analysis, and charting. He regularly provides thought leadership and analysis on individual company valuations and frequently hosts educational seminars to help others learn to trade. With over 5 years of trading experience, he has been able to develop a system to identify and capitalize on breakouts. His momentum measurement system helps him exploit option premium movements for shorter-dated contracts. With 7 years of corporate Fortune 300 experience, Study&Educate brings with him a level of professionalism, maturity, entrepreneurial spirit and fun when it comes to options trading. His goal is to make sure that no beginner trader is left behind and that anyone can achieve financial independence through financial literacy and patience.


Gandre is a Third Eye Trades Top Trader focused on providing high quality options signals to the team. He has 5+ years of experience trading equities, derivatives and cryptocurrencies and currently works in the healthcare industry. He utilizes various strategies including trading resistance and support, volume, and also fundamental and technical analysis in his trades. He also utilizes candlesticks, MACD, RSI, moving averages and many other tools used by professionals. His goal is to help educate others to develop a “Third Eye”. To all current and prospective members, let him be a sounding board, mentor or coach to your options trading thoughts and concerns.


Simplejon is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who helps to advise and manage on the day-to-day accounting and finance operations at Third Eye Trades, LLC. His Big 4 Accounting experience coupled by his consulting history with large Fortune 500 companies has allowed him to cultivate a good understanding of industry leading best practices. He uses his expertise to help business owners maintain bookkeeping responsibilities, optimize growth and stay tax compliant. In his spare time, Simplejon enjoys trading securities and performing fundamental analysis to evaluate different economic factors that could influence a company’s stock price. He takes a much longer-term view of the market and utilizes the company’s financial statements to analyze various metrics, patterns and ratios to arrive at a decision.

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